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cup pronunciación
1 a small, round, open container, usually with a handle, used to drink from.
2 the amount a cup will hold, used as a measure in cookery.
3 a container or something else shaped like a cup egg cup .
4 an ornamental trophy awarded as a prize in sports competitions, etc.
5 a competition in which the prize is a cup.
6 a wine-based drink, with added fruit juice, etc claret cup .
7 literary something that one undergoes or experiences one's own cup of woe .
verb (cupped , cupping )
1 to form (one's hands) into a cup shape.
2 to hold something in one's cupped hands.
[Anglo-Saxon cuppe , from Latin cupa cask]
in one's cups dated drunk; under the influence of alcohol.
one's cup of tea colloq one's personal preference.

cup final
noun (often the Cup Final) the final match in a football contest or any other cup competition.

cup tie
noun a knockout match in a round of a competition for a cup.

adjective , sport , esp football said of a player who is ineligible to play in a cup competition, having already represented another team at some previous stage in the competition.

cupboard pronunciación
noun a piece of furniture or a recess, fitted with doors, shelves, etc, for storing provisions or personal effects.
[Anglo-Saxon cuppebord table for crockery]

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