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1 the end of an actor's speech, or something else said or done by a performer, that serves as a prompt for another to say or do something.
2 anything that serves as a signal or hint to do something.
verb (cued , cueing ) to give a cue to someone.
[16c: thought to be from -q-, a contraction of Latin quando meaning -when- which was formerly written in actors' scripts to show them when to begin]
on cue at precisely the right moment.
take one's cue from someone to follow their lead as regards behaviour, etc.

1 in billiards, snooker and pool: a stick tapering almost to a point, used to strike the ball.
2 old use a tail of hair or plait at the back of the head.
verb (cued , cueing ) tr & intr to strike (a ball) with the cue.
[18c: variant of queue]

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