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cry pronunciación
verb (cries , cried , crying )
1 intr to shed tears; to weep.
2 intr (often cry out) to shout or shriek, eg in pain or fear, or to get attention or help.
3 (often cry out) to exclaim (words, news, etc).
4 intr said of an animal or bird: to utter its characteristic noise.
5 old use said of a street trader: to proclaim (one's wares).
noun (cries )
1 a shout or shriek.
2 an excited utterance or exclamation.
3 an appeal or demand.
4 a rallying call or slogan.
5 a bout of weeping.
6 the characteristic utterance of an animal or bird.
7 a street trader's call street cries .
[13c: from French crier , from Latin quiritare to wail]
a crying shame a great shame.
a far cry
1 a great distance.
2 something very different.
cry blue murder see blue murder.
cry for the moon to want or desire something which is impossible to get.
cry one's eyes or heart out to weep long and bitterly.
cry over spilt milk to cry over something which has already happened and cannot be changed.
cry stinking fish to belittle one's own goods.
for crying out loud! colloq an expression of impatience or annoyance.
in full cry in keen pursuit of something.
cry something down to be critical of it; to scorn it.
cry off colloq to cancel an engagement or agreement.
cry out for something to be in obvious need of it.
cry someone or something up to praise them or it.

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