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crowd pronunciación
1 a large number of people gathered together.
2 the spectators or audience at an event.
3 (usu crowds) colloq a large number of people.
4 a set or group of people.
5 (the crowd) the general mass of people.
verb (crowded , crowding )
1 intr to gather or move in a large, usually tightly packed, group.
2 to fill.
3 to pack; to cram.
4 to press round, or supervise someone too closely.
[Anglo-Saxon crudan to press]
crowded adjective full of people.
crowd someone or something out to overwhelm and force them out.

crowd There is often uncertainty as to whether collective nouns like crowd should be followed by a singular or plural verb. Both are correct, and choice depends on whether the group is being thought of as a unit or as a number of individuals.

crowd pleaser
noun something that has popular appeal, especially a product available in shops.

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