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1 faith placed in something.
2 honour or a cause of honour To her credit, she didn't say anything .
3 acknowledgement, recognition or praise.
4 (credits) a list of acknowledgements to those who have helped in the preparation of a book, film, etc.
5 trust given to someone promising to pay later for goods already supplied buy goods on credit .
6 one's financial reliability, especially as a basis for such trust.
7 the amount of money available to one at one's bank.
8 an entry in the right-hand column of an account, recording money paid in. Compare debit.
9 a a certificate of completion of a course of instruction;
b a distinction awarded for performance on such a course.
verb (credited , crediting )
1 to believe; to place faith in someone or something.
2 (often credit something to someone or someone with something) to enter a sum as a credit on someone's account, or allow someone a sum as credit.
3 (often credit someone with something) to attribute a quality or achievement to someone We credited you with more sense .
[16c: from French crédit , from Latin creditum loan, from credere to believe]

credit account
noun a financial arrangement with a shop that allows one to purchase goods on credit.

credit card
noun a card issued by a bank, finance company, etc authorizing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Compare debit card.

credit insurance
noun insurance taken out when a business sells on credit terms, with the insurer providing a safeguard against the possibility of the customer not paying.

credit note
noun a form issued by a company or shop, stating that a particular customer is entitled to a certain sum as credit, instead of a cash refund, replacement goods, etc.

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