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crack pronunciación
verb (cracked , cracking )
1 tr & intr to fracture or cause to fracture partially without falling to pieces.
2 tr & intr to split or make something split.
3 tr & intr to make or cause to make a sudden sharp noise.
4 to strike sharply.
5 tr & intr to give way or make someone or something give way He finally cracked under the pressure .
6 to force open (a safe).
7 to solve (a code or problem).
8 to tell (a joke).
9 intr said of the voice: to change pitch or tone suddenly and unintentionally.
10 tr & intr , chem to break down long-chain hydrocarbons produced during petroleum refining into lighter more useful short-chain products.
1 a sudden sharp sound.
2 a partial fracture in a material produced by an external force or internal stress, often originating in a defective region of the material.
3 a narrow opening.
4 a resounding blow.
5 colloq a joke.
6 slang (in full crack cocaine) a highly addictive derivative of cocaine, consisting of hard crystalline lumps that are heated and smoked.
7 Irish (usu the crack or the craic) the latest news or gossip.
8 Irish (also craic) fun, enjoyable activity and conversation, often in a pub We had some good crack at the races .
adjective , colloq expert a crack shot .
[Anglo-Saxon cracian to resound]
at the crack of dawn colloq at daybreak; very early.
a fair crack of the whip a fair opportunity.
get cracking colloq to make a prompt start with a journey, undertaking, etc.
have a crack at something colloq to attempt it.
crack down on someone or something colloq to take firm action against them or it.
crack up colloq to suffer an emotional breakdown.
crack something up colloq to praise it extravagantly, giving the impression that it is better than it is This job is not all it's cracked up to be .

adjective , colloq mad; crazy.

noun a firm action taken against someone or something.

cracked pronunciación
1 colloq crazy; mad.
2 said of a voice: harsh; uneven in tone.
3 damaged by splitting.

1 a thin crisp unsweetened biscuit.
2 a small, noisy firework.
3 a party toy in the form of a gaudy paper tube usually containing a paper hat, gift and motto, that pulls apart with an explosive bang.
4 colloq an exceptional person or thing.

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