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cover pronunciación
verb (covered , covering )
1 to form a layer over someone or something.
2 to protect or conceal someone or something by putting something over them or it.
3 to clothe.
4 to extend over something.
5 to strew, sprinkle, spatter, mark all over, etc.
6 (usu cover with something) to bring (a feeling, etc) upon oneself, often in an overwhelming way.
7 to deal with (a subject).
8 said of a reporter, etc: to investigate or report on (a story).
9 to have as one's area of responsibility.
10 to travel (a distance).
11 to be adequate to pay He had enough money to cover the meal .
12 to insure; to insure against something.
13 to threaten by aiming a gun at someone or something.
14 to keep (a building, its exits, etc) under armed watch.
15 to shield with a firearm at the ready or with actual fire.
16 sport to protect (a fellow team-member) or obstruct (an opponent).
17 said of a stallion, bull, etc: to mate with (a female).
18 said of a bird: to sit on (eggs).
19 to record a cover version of (a song, etc).
20 intr (usu cover for someone) to take over the duties of an absent colleague, etc.
1 something that covers.
2 a lid, top, protective casing, etc.
3 the covering of something.
4 (covers) the sheets and blankets on a bed.
5 the paper or board binding of a book, magazine, etc; one side of this.
6 an envelope a first-day cover .
7 shelter or protection.
8 insurance.
9 service emergency cover .
10 a pretence; a screen; a false identity His cover as a salesman was blown .
11 armed protection; protective fire.
12 cricket see cover point.
13 in restaurants, etc: an individual place setting at table.
14 a cover version.
[13c: from French covrir , from Latin cooperire to cover completely]
under cover
1 in secret.
2 within shelter.
under cover of something using it as a protection or pretence.
under plain cover in a plain envelope without tradename, etc.
under separate cover in a separate envelope or parcel.
cover something up
1 to cover it entirely.
2 to conceal (a dishonest act, a mistake, etc).

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