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court pronunciación
1 the judge, law officials and members of the jury gathered to hear and decide on a legal case.
2 the room or building used for such a hearing.
3 an area marked out for a particular game or sport, or a division of this basketball court .
4 an open space or square surrounded by houses or by sections of a building.
5 (often Court) used in names:
a a group of houses arranged around an open space;
b a block of flats;
c a country mansion.
6 the palace, household, attendants, and advisers of a sovereign.
verb (courted , courting )
1 tr & intr , old use to try to win the love of someone.
2 to try to win the favour of someone.
3 to seek (popularity, etc).
4 to risk or invite court danger .
[12c: from French cort , from Latin cohors , shortened to cors yard or company of soldiers]
the ball is in his or your, etc court he, you, etc must make the next move.
go to court to take legal action.
hold court to be surrounded by a circle of admirers.
out of court without legal action being taken.
pay court to someone to pay them flattering attention.
put or rule something out of court to prevent it from being heard or considered.
take someone to court to bring a legal case against them.

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