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course pronunciación
1 the path in which anyone or anything moves.
2 a direction taken or planned go off course .
3 the channel of a river, etc.
4 the normal progress of something.
5 the passage of a period of time in the course of the next year .
6 a line of action Your best course is to wait .
7 a a series of lessons, etc; a curriculum;
b the work covered in such a series.
8 a prescribed treatment, eg medicine to be taken, over a period.
9 any of the successive parts of a meal.
10 (often in compounds ) the ground over which a game is played or a race run golf course obstacle course .
11 building a single row of bricks or stones in a wall, etc.
verb (coursed , coursing )
1 intr to move or flow.
2 to hunt (hares, etc) using dogs.
[13c: from French cours , from Latin currere to run]
coursing noun the hunting of hares using dogs.
in the course of something while doing it; during it.
in the course of time eventually.
in due course at the appropriate or expected time.
a matter of course a natural or expected action or result.
of course
1 as expected.
2 naturally; certainly; without doubt.
3 admittedly.
stay the course to endure to the end.

noun a book to accompany a course of instruction.

a someone who courses hares, etc;
b a hound used for this.
2 poetic a swift horse.
3 any of nine species of fast-running bird, native to Africa and S Asia.

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