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cool pronunciación
1 between cold and warm; fairly cold.
2 pleasantly fresh; free of heat a cool breeze .
3 calm; laid-back He was very cool under pressure .
4 lacking enthusiasm; unfriendly a cool response .
5 impudent; audacious; brazen.
6 said of a large sum: exact; at least made a cool million .
7 colloq admirable; excellent.
8 said of colours: suggestive of coolness, typically pale and containing blue.
9 sophisticated.
1 a cool part or period; coolness the cool of the evening .
2 colloq self-control; composure keep your cool .
verb (cooled , cooling )
1 tr & intr (often cool something down or off, or cool down or off) to make or become cool.
2 intr to become less interested or enthusiastic Martin had cooled towards Pat since her behaviour at the office party .
[Anglo-Saxon col ]
coolly adverb in a cool manner.
coolness noun .
cool it! colloq calm down!
cool one's heels to be kept waiting.
play it cool to deal with a situation calmly but warily.

cool box or cool bag
noun an insulated container, used to keep food cool.

1 a liquid or gas used as a cooling agent, especially to remove heat from a system such as a car radiator, nuclear reactor, etc.
2 a liquid or gas that is used to cool the edge of a cutting tool during machining.

1 a container or device for cooling things.
2 slang prison.
3 a drink made from wine and fruit juice.

noun (coolies ) offens
1 an unskilled native labourer in Eastern countries.
2 S Afr an Indian.
[17c: probably from Tamil kuli hired person]

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