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control pronunciación
1 authority or charge; power to influence or guide take control .
2 a means of limitation.
3 (controls) a device for operating, regulating, or testing (a machine, system, etc).
4 the people in control of some operation mission control .
5 the place where something is checked go through passport control .
6 (in full control experiment) a scientific experiment performed without variables to provide a standard of comparison for other experiments.
7 spiritualism a dead person guiding a medium.
verb (controlled , controlling )
1 to have or exercise power over someone or something.
2 to regulate.
3 to limit.
4 to operate, regulate or test (a machine, system, etc).
5 to establish the validity of (the results of a scientific experiment) by performing another experiment without variables, to provide a standard of comparison.
[15c: from French contrerolle duplicate account or register]
controllability noun .
controllable adjective .

control freak
noun , colloq someone who is extremely or obsessively reluctant to share power or responsibility with others.

control group
noun a group of people, etc providing a fixed standard of comparison against which experimental results can be evaluated.

control key
noun , comput a key which, when used in conjunction with standard keys, will perform a variety of functions.

control tower
noun a tall building at an airport from which take-off and landing instructions are given to aircraft pilots by air-traffic controllers.

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