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noun , Christianity a doctrine attributed to Martin Luther that describes the presence of Christ in the Eucharist as -under and with the elements of bread and wine-. Compare transubstantiation.
[16c: from Latin consubstantiare to identify in substance, from con together + substantia substance; modelled upon transubstantiation]

consul pronunciación
1 an official representative of a state, stationed in a foreign country to look after its commercial interests there, the interests of its citizens living there, etc.
2 hist in ancient Rome: either of the two joint chief magistrates.
[14c: Latin, probably related to consulere to take counsel]
consular adjective .
consulship noun .

noun the post or official residence of a consul (see consul, sense 1).

consult pronunciación
verb (consulted , consulting )
1 to ask the advice of consult a lawyer .
2 to refer to (a map, book, etc).
3 to consider (wishes, feelings, etc).
4 intr (often consult with someone) to have discussions with them.
5 intr to give advice as a consultant He consults on Tuesday and Friday afternoons .
[16c: from Latin consultare , from consulere to take counsel]

1 someone who gives professional advice.
2 in a hospital or clinic: a doctor or surgeon holding the most senior post in a particular field of medicine.
3 someone who seeks advice or information.
consultancy noun (consultancies ).

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