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verb (connected , connecting ) (usu connect to or with someone or something)
1 tr & intr (sometimes connect something up or connect up) to join; to link.
2 to associate or involve is connected with advertising .
3 tr & intr to associate or relate mentally We connected immediately .
4 to join by telephone.
5 to relate by marriage or birth.
6 intr said of aeroplanes, trains, buses, etc: to be timed so as to allow transfer from one to another.
7 intr , humorous said of the fist, etc: to strike.
8 intr , colloq to make sense.
[17c: from Latin con- together + nectere to fasten]
connectable or connectible adjective .
connector or connecter noun .
well connected with important or aristocratic relatives.

connecting rod
1 a rod or bar attached to two parts of a machine, so that motion in one part causes motion in another.
2 in an internal-combustion engine: the metal rod connecting the piston to the crankshaft.

connection pronunciación or connexion
1 the act of connecting or state of being connected.
2 something that connects; a link.
3 a relationship through marriage or birth.
4 an especially influential person whom one meets through one's job, etc; a contact.
a a train, bus, etc timed so as to allow transfer to it from another passenger service;
b the transfer from one vehicle to another.
6 US colloq a supplier of illegal drugs.
in connection with something to do with it; concerning it.
in this connection with reference to the matter being considered.

adjective serving to connect.
1 something which connects.
2 grammar a word which links phrases, clauses, other words, etc.
3 zool a bundle of nerve fibres which unite two nerve centres.

connective tissue
noun , anat any of several widely differing tissues, usually containing collagen, that provide the animal body and its internal organs with structural support, eg bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments.

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