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condition pronunciación
1 a particular state of existence.
2 a state of health, fitness or suitability for use out of condition .
3 an ailment or disorder a heart condition .
4 (conditions) circumstances poor working conditions .
5 a requirement or qualification.
6 a term of contract.
7 law in a legal document, eg will, contract, etc: a clause which requires something to happen or be done before the part of the document to which it relates can take effect.
8 maths a statement which must be true for a further statement to be true.
verb (conditioned , conditioning )
1 to accustom or train someone or something to behave or react in a particular way; to influence them or it.
2 to prepare or train (a person or animal) for a certain activity or for certain conditions of living.
3 to subject (a person or animal) to a particular stimulus in order to associate a certain behavioural response with that stimulus.
4 to affect or control; to determine.
5 to improve (the physical state of hair, skin, fabrics, etc) by applying a particular substance.
[14c: from Latin conditio , from condicere to agree upon]
conditioner noun (often in compounds ) a substance or apparatus which improves the condition of something hair conditioner fabric conditioner .
on condition that?only if? I will go on condition that you come too .
on no condition absolutely not.

conditional pronunciación
1 dependent on a particular condition, etc.
2 grammar expressing a condition on which something else is dependent, as in the first clause in -If it rains, I'll stay at home-. Compare indicative, imperative, subjunctive.
conditionality noun .
conditionally adverb .

1 the process of making or becoming conditioned.
2 psychol a reflex response to a stimulus which depends upon the former experience of the individual, and can be modified, eg by reward or punishment.

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