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1 (in full chemical compound) chem a substance composed of two or more elements combined in fixed proportions and held together by chemical bonds.
2 something composed of two or more ingredients or parts.
3 a word made up of two or more words, eg tablecloth . Compare derivative ( noun 2).
1 composed of a number of parts or ingredients.
2 grammar said of a sentence: made up of two or more main clauses.
verb (compounded , compounding )
a to make (especially something bad) much worse;
b to complicate or add to (a difficulty, error, etc).
2 a to mix or combine (ingredients);
b to make up (a mixture, etc) by doing this.
3 law to agree to overlook (an offence, etc) in return for payment.
4 tr & intr (often compound with someone)
a to come to an agreement with them, especially a financial one;
b to settle (a debt, etc) for less than the amount which is owed.
[14c: from French compondre , from Latin componere to put together]

1 an area enclosed by a wall or fence, containing a house or factory.
2 a an enclosed area in a prison, used for a particular purpose;
b a similar area in a concentration camp, prisoner-of-war camp, etc.
3 in S Africa: accommodation in which migrant labourers are housed.
[17c: probably from Malay kampong village]

compound eye
noun in insects: an eye made up of many separate units.

compound fracture
noun , med a type of bone fracture in which the overlying skin is pierced by the broken bone. Also called open fracture. Compare simple fracture.

compound interest
noun interest calculated on the original sum of money borrowed and on any interest already accumulated. Compare simple interest.

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