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complement pronunciación
1 something that completes or perfects; something that provides a needed balance or contrast.
2 (often full complement) the number or quantity required to make something complete, eg the crew of a ship.
3 grammar a word or phrase added to a verb to complete the predicate of a sentence, eg dark in It grew dark .
4 maths in set theory: all the members of a universal set that do not belong to a specified set S.
5 geom the amount by which an angle or arc falls short of a right angle or quadrant (sense 1).
6 biol in blood serum: a group of proteins that combine with antibodies and thereby enhance the destruction of foreign particles following an immune response.
verb (complemented , complementing ) to be a complement to something.
[14c: from Latin complementum , from complere to fill up]

complement There is often a spelling confusion between complement and compliment.

1 serving as a complement to something.
2 said of two or more things: complementing each other.
3 physics denoting either of a pair of coloured lights that, when mixed together in the correct intensities, produce the sensation of white light.
complementarily adverb .

complementary There is often a spelling confusion between complementary and complimentary.

complementary angle
noun one of a pair of angles whose sum is 90 degrees. Compare conjugate angle, supplementary angle.

complementary medicine see alternative medicine

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