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companion set
noun a set of tools for tending a coal fire, kept on a stand by the fireplace.

adjective friendly; sociable; comfortable as a companion.
companionably adverb .

noun on a ship: a staircase from a deck to a cabin, or between decks.

company pronunciación
noun (companies )
1 the presence of another person or other people; companionship.
2 the presence of guests or visitors, or the people involved expecting company .
3 one's friends, companions or associates get into bad company .
4 a business organization.
5 a troop of actors or entertainers.
6 a military unit of about 120 men.
7 a ship's crew.
8 a gathering of people, at a social function, etc.
[13c: from French compaignie ; see companion1]
be good or bad company to be an entertaining, or dreary, companion.
be in good company to be not the only one in the same situation.
in company with?together with ?; along with? in company with other reasons .
keep someone company to act as their companion.
part company with someone
1 to separate from them.
2 to disagree with them.

company secretary
noun a senior member of a business organization, concerned with financial and legal matters.

comparable pronunciación
1 being of the same or equivalent kind.
2 able to be compared; similar enough to allow comparison.
comparability noun .
comparably adverb .

1 judged by comparison; as compared with others.
2 relating to, or using the method of, comparison.
3 as observed by comparing one another; relative their comparative strengths .
4 grammar said of adjectives and adverbs: in the form denoting a greater degree of the quality in question but not the greatest, formed either by using the suffix -er or the word more , eg larger or more usual . Compare positive, superlative.
noun , grammar
1 a comparative adjective or adverb.
2 the comparative form of a word.
[15c: from Latin comparativus , from comparare to match]
comparatively adverb .

compare pronunciación
verb (compared , comparing )
1 to examine (items, etc) to see what differences or similarities they have.
2 (usu compare someone or something to someone or something else) to liken them to each other compare her to an angel .
3 intr (often compare with something or someone) to be comparable with it or them He can't compare with his predecessor when it comes to ability .
4 intr to relate (well, badly, etc) when examined The two books compare well .
[15c: from Latin comparare to match]
beyond or without compare formal without equal; incomparable.
compare notes to exchange ideas and opinions.

comparison pronunciación
1 the process of, an act of or a reasonable basis for, comparing There can be no comparison between them .
2 grammar the positive (sense 13), comparative ( adjective 4) and superlative ( adjective 1) forms of adjectives and adverbs. Also called degrees of comparison.
[14c: from French comparaison , from Latin comparare to match]

compartment pronunciación
1 a separated-off or enclosed section.
2 any of several enclosed sections into which some railway carriages are divided.
[16c: from French compartiment , from Latin compartiri to divide]
compartmental adjective .

compartmentalize or compartmentalise
verb (compartmentalized , compartmentalizing ) to divide, distribute or force into categories.
compartmentalization noun .

compass pronunciación
noun (compasses )
1 any device for finding direction, especially one consisting of a magnetized needle that swings freely on a pivot and points to magnetic north, from which true north can be calculated. See also gyrocompass.
2 (usu compasses) a device consisting of two hinged legs, for drawing circles, measuring distances on maps, etc. Also called pair of compasses.
3 range or scope within the compass of philosophy .
4 music said of a voice or instrument: the range between the highest and lowest possible notes.
verb (compasses , compassed , compassing )
1 to pass or go round.
2 to surround or enclose.
3 to accomplish or obtain.
4 to comprehend.
[13c: from French compas , from compasser to measure]

compassion pronunciación
noun a feeling of sorrow and pity for someone in trouble.
[14c: French, from Latin compassio , from com- with + pati , passus to suffer]
compassionate adjective
1 inclined to pity or mercy.
2 merciful.
compassionately adverb .

compassion fatigue
noun progressive disinclination to show compassion because of continued or excessive exposure to deserving cases.

compassionate leave
noun special absence from work granted in cases of bereavement.

compatible pronunciación
adjective (often compatible with something or someone)
1 able to associate or co-exist agreeably.
2 consistent or congruous His actions were not compatible with his beliefs .
3 comput said of a program or device: capable of being used with a particular computer system.
4 engineering said of a device or piece of machinery: capable of being used in conjunction with another.
[16c: French, from Latin compatibilis , from compati to suffer with]
compatibility noun .
compatibly adverb .

noun someone from one's own country; a fellow citizen.
[17c: from Latin compatriota , from com- with + patria one's country]


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