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compact pronunciación 1
1 firm and dense in form or texture.
2 small, but with all essentials neatly contained.
3 neatly concise, packed tightly together.
verb (compacted , compacting ) to compress.
noun a small case for women's face powder, usually including a mirror.
[14c: from Latin compactus , from compingere to put together closely]
compaction noun .
compactly adverb .
compactness noun .

compact pronunciación 2
noun a contract or agreement.
[16c: from Latin compactum , from compacisci to covenant together]

compact disc
noun (abbreviation CD) a small disc used to record audio and/or visual information in the form of digital data, which can be read by laser. See also CD-ROM.

companion pronunciación 1
1 a friend, comrade or frequent associate.
2 someone who accompanies someone on a journey.
3 hist a woman employed by another woman to live or travel with her and to keep her company.
4 especially as a title: a book of advice; a handbook or guide.
5 one of a pair of matching objects.
6 (Companion) an honourable title denoting a low-ranking member of any of various orders of knighthood.
[13c: from French compagnon , from Latin companio , literally -food-sharer-, from com- together + panis bread]
companionship noun .

companion pronunciación 2
noun , naut a hatch admitting light to a cabin or lower deck.
[18c: from Dutch kompanje quarterdeck, from Italian compagna storeroom for provisions]

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