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common law
noun , law the body of law based on custom and decisions by judges, in contrast to statute law.

common noun
noun , grammar a noun that is not a proper name and which can refer to any member of a class of things, eg car , table , girl as opposed to Paris , John . Compare proper noun.

common room
noun in a college, school, etc: a sitting-room for general use by students or one used by staff.

common seal
noun a true seal native to the N Pacific and N Atlantic oceans, usually grey with dark blotches.

common sense
noun practical wisdom and understanding.
common-sense or commonsensical adjective having or noted for common sense.

common time
noun , music a rhythm with four beats to the bar.

adjective denoting the relationship of two people who have lived together as husband and wife for a certain number of years but who have not been through a civil or religious ceremony common-law marriage .

adjective ordinary; everyday.

noun in the Scottish Borders: a ceremonial progress by riders on horseback around the boundaries of common land. See also beat the bounds at beat.

1 someone who is not a member of the nobility.
2 at some English colleges: a student who is not on a scholarship.

1 ordinary; everyday.
2 derog unoriginal; lacking individuality; trite.
1 derog a trite comment; a cliché.
2 an everyday occurrence.
[16c: a translation of the Latin phrase locus communis an argument widely used]

plural noun
1 hist (the commons) the ordinary people.
2 old use, facetious shared food rations.
singular noun (the Commons) the House of Commons.
on short commons having reduced rations.

1 a country or state.
2 an association of states that have joined together for their common good.
3 a state in which the people hold power; a republic.
4 a title used by certain US states.

Commonwealth Day
noun a public holiday celebrated in many parts of the Commonwealth on the second Monday in March.

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