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commit pronunciación
verb (committed , committing )
1 to carry out or perpetrate (a crime, offence, error, etc).
2 to have someone put in prison or a mental institution.
3 to promise or engage, especially oneself, for some undertaking, etc.
4 to dedicate oneself to a cause, etc from a sense of conviction She committed herself to Christ .
5 to entrust or give.
6 to send someone for trial in a higher court.
7 intr to make a commitment, especially to a personal relationship Linda has trouble committing to just one person .
[14c: from Latin committere to put together or to join]
commit oneself to make a definite irrevocable decision.
commit something to memory to memorize it.

a the act of committing someone or oneself;
b the state of being committed.
2 dedication or devotion; strong conviction.
3 a usually irrevocable undertaking or responsibility.
4 law an official order for the imprisonment of someone. Also called mittimus.

1 the action of committing someone to a prison or mental institution.
2 at a burial: the act of putting the coffin into the grave.

noun (committees )
1 a group of people selected by and from a larger body, eg a club, to undertake certain duties on its behalf.
2 a body specially appointed to undertake an investigation, enquiry, etc.

committee There is often uncertainty as to whether collective nouns such as committee should be followed by a singular or plural verb. Both are correct, and choice depends on whether the group is being thought of as a unit or as a number of individuals: The committee are always delighted to hear from anyone wishing to help in any way. The Marketing Committee is making good use of the information obtained. It is important to avoid inconsistency: ? The committee has broken up to have their lunch.

committee stage
noun , politics the stage between the second and third readings of a parliamentary bill, when it is examined in detail by members sitting in committee.

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