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command post
noun a temporary military headquarters.

noun a commanding officer, especially of a prisoner-of-war camp or a military training establishment.
[17c: French, present participle of commander to command]

verb (commandeered , commandeering )
1 to seize (property) for military use in wartime, official use in an emergency, etc.
2 to seize without justification.
[19c: from Afrikaans kommandeer , from French commander to command]

commander pronunciación
1 someone who commands.
2 in the navy: an officer just below a captain in rank. See table in the Supplement to this book.
3 a high-ranking police officer.
4 a senior member in some orders of knighthood. Also called knight commander.

commander in chief
noun (commanders in chief ) the officer in supreme command of a nation's forces.

1 powerful; leading; controlling.
2 in charge.
3 inspiring respect or awe.
4 favourable; giving good views all round a house with a commanding position .

a a divine command;
b (Commandment) Authorized Version one of the ten rules given to Moses by God as the basis of a good life.
2 literary a command.

noun (commandos )
1 a unit of soldiers specially trained to carry out dangerous and difficult attacks or raids.
2 a member of such a unit.
[18c: Portuguese, from commandar to command]

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