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noun a punctuation mark (:), properly used to introduce a list, an example or an explanation.
[16c: Greek, meaning -clause- or -limb-]

colon A colon has several uses: || It introduces a part of a sentence that explains or expands on what comes before: I have something to tell you: John is coming back tomorrow. This is an excellent play: believable characters, gripping action and a totally unexpected ending. An alternative style is to use an introductory word such as -namely-, preceded by a comma: There is one thing I would really like, namely a much larger house. || It introduces a list (no dash is needed): ? To make the model, you will need the following things: a sheet of thin cardboard, string, glue, scissors. || It introduces a contrast: You may be sorry: I am delighted. To err is human: to forgive, divine. An alternative style is to use a semicolon: You may be sorry; I am delighted. It is also possible to use a comma and a conjunction: You may be sorry, but I am delighted. || It introduces direct speech: John suddenly shouted: -Look out! He's coming back!- A common alternative is to use a comma: John suddenly shouted, -Look out! He's coming back!-

noun , anat in vertebrates: the large intestine lying between the caecum and rectum.
[16c: Latin, from Greek kolon large intestine or food]
colonic adjective .

noun (colónes or colóns )
1 the standard unit of currency of El Salvador, equal to 100 centavos.
2 the standard unit of currency of Costa Rica, equal to 100 centimos.
[19c: from Cristóbal Colón, the Spanish form of the name of the explorer Christopher Columbus]

1 a senior army officer, in charge of a regiment. See table in the Supplement to this book.
2 in the US air force: a senior officer of the rank below brigadier general and above lieutenant-colonel. See table in the Supplement to this book.
[16c: from Italian colonello leader of a regiment]
colonelcy noun (colonelcies ) the rank or office of colonel.

noun in the British Army: an honorary rank and title often held by a member of the Royal Family.

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