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collect pronunciación 1
verb (collected , collecting )
1 tr & intr to bring or be brought together; to gather.
2 to build up a collection of things of a particular type because of interest in or enthusiasm for them collect stamps .
3 to call for someone or something; to fetch; to pick up I'll collect you in the evening .
4 tr & intr to get something from people, eg money owed or voluntary contributions, etc offered to collect for Oxfam .
5 to calm or control oneself; to get one's thoughts, etc under control.
adjective , N Am, esp US said of a telephone call: paid for by the person receiving it.
adverb , N Am, esp US reversing the charges.
[16c: from Latin collectus , past participle of colligere to gather]

collect pronunciación 2
noun , Christianity a short form of prayer used in the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches.
[13c: from Latin collecta , shortened from oratorio ad collectum the title of a prayer, from colligere to gather]

1 capable of being collected.
2 desirable to a collector .
noun (often collectables) one of a set of items which are of interest to a collector.

1 said of a writer's works: all published together in a single volume or a uniform set of volumes.
2 cool; calm; self-possessed.
collectedly adverb .
collectedness noun .

collection pronunciación
1 the act of collecting.
2 an accumulated assortment of things of a particular type a stamp collection .
3 an amount of money collected.
4 the removal of mail from a postbox at scheduled times.

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