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adjective said of, belonging to or involving all the members of a group a collective effort .
a an organized group or unit who run some kind of business, etc;
b the members of such a group.
collectively adverb together; as a whole.

collective bargaining
noun talks between a trade union and a company's management to negotiate on pay and working conditions.

collective farm
noun , agric a large state-controlled farm run on co-operative principles and formed by the merging of several smaller farms, previously owned by individuals.

collective noun
noun a singular noun which refers to a group of people, animals, things, etc, such as cast , flock , gang .

collective nouns || Collective nouns, or group nouns, are nouns like committee , government , orchestra , and team , which are singular in form but denote a number or group of individuals. || Because of the special meaning they have, they can be treated as either singular or plural, depending on whether the group is being thought of as a unit or as a number of individuals. || There are further notes at the entries for some of these words. See also the notes at majority, none.

collective security
noun , politics the maintenance of security and territorial integrity by the collective actions of nation states.

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