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cold pronunciación
1 low in temperature; not hot or warm.
2 lower in temperature than is normal, comfortable or pleasant.
3 said of food: cooked, but not eaten hot cold meat .
4 unfriendly.
5 comfortless; depressing.
6 colloq unenthusiastic The suggestion left me cold .
7 without warmth or emotion a cold calculating person .
8 sexually unresponsive.
9 said of colours: producing a feeling of coldness rather than warmth.
10 colloq unconscious, usually after a blow, fall, etc out cold .
11 dead.
12 said of someone trying to guess or find something: far from the answer or the hidden object.
13 said of a trail or scent: not fresh; too old to follow.
adverb without preparation or rehearsal.
1 lack of heat or warmth; cold weather.
2 (also Scot the cold) a highly contagious viral infection, which causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs and whose symptoms include a sore throat, coughing and sneezing, and a congested nose. Also called the common cold.
[Anglo-Saxon ceald ]
coldly adverb .
coldness noun .
catch cold to become ill with a cold.
get cold feet colloq
1 to lose courage.
2 to become reluctant to carry something out.
give someone the cold shoulder colloq to respond aloofly to them; to rebuff or snub them.
in cold blood deliberately and unemotionally.
make someone's blood run cold to terrify or horrify them.
out in the cold colloq ignored, disregarded and neglected by others.
pour or throw cold water on something colloq to be discouraging or unenthusiastic about a plan, idea, etc.

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