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1 a bright red pigment widely used as a food colouring.
2 an insect found in Mexico and the West Indies, the dried body of which yields this dye.
[16c: from Spanish cochinilla , from Latin coccineus scarlet]

noun (cochleae ) anat in the inner ear of vertebrates: a hollow spirally coiled structure which converts the vibrations of sound waves into nerve impulses, which are then interpreted by the brain as sound.
[17c: Latin, meaning -snail or snail shell-, from Greek kochlias snail with a spiral shell]
cochlear adjective .

cock pronunciación 1
1 a male bird, especially an adult male chicken.
2 a stopcock.
3 the hammer of a gun which, when raised and let go by the trigger, produces the discharge.
4 coarse slang the penis.
5 coarse slang nonsense.
6 slang a pal, usually used as a form of address.
verb (cocked , cocking )
1 tr & intr to lift; to stick up.
2 to turn in a particular direction cock an ear towards the door .
3 to draw back the hammer of a gun.
4 to set (one's hat) at an angle.
[Anglo-Saxon cocc ]
go off at half cock to begin too soon, without being fully prepared.
cock something up Brit slang to make a mess of it; to do it badly. See also cock-up.

cock pronunciación 2
noun a small heap of hay, etc.
verb to pile into such heaps.
[15c: perhaps related to Norse kökkr lump]

cock of the walk
noun someone who is, or thinks themself, the most important one in a group.

noun an imitation of the sound of a cock crowing.

adjective , colloq
1 jubilant; exultant.
2 boastful.

noun , Scot soup made from chicken and leeks.
[18c: cock1 + leek]

cock-and-bull story
noun , colloq an unlikely story, especially one used as an excuse or explanation.

noun dawn; early morning.

adjective , colloq
1 suffering from a squint.
2 crooked; lopsided.
3 senseless; crazy; impractical cock-eyed schemes to make money .
4 drunk.
[19c: from cock1]

noun (cock-ups ) Brit slang a mess or muddle resulting from incompetence. See also cock1.

noun , hist a feather or a rosette of ribbon worn on the hat as a badge.
[18c: a corruption of cockard , from French coquarde , from coq ; see cock1]

adjective , slang, chiefly US ridiculous or incredible What a cockamamie thing to do!
[1940s: origin uncertain]

cockatiel or cockateel
noun a small crested Australian parrot of the cockatoo family.
[19c: from Dutch, from a diminutive of cockatoo]

cockatoo pronunciación
noun (cockatoos ) any of various Australasian species of the parrot family which are generally light-coloured with a brightly coloured erectile crest on their heads.
[17c: from Malay kakatua ]

1 myth a monster with the head, wings and legs of a cock and the body and tail of a serpent. See also basilisk (sense 1).
2 Authorized Version a poisonous snake.
[14c: from French cocatris , from Latin calcatrix tracker, used for the Greek ichneumon]

noun a large grey-brown beetle. Also called May beetle and May bug.
[18c: cock1 + chafer]

cocked hat
noun , hist a three-cornered hat with upturned brim.
knock someone or something into a cocked hat colloq to utterly surpass or defeat them or it.

cocker or cocker spaniel
noun , Brit a small longhaired breed of spaniel with silky ears.
[19c: from woodcock, which the dogs were bred to hunt]

noun a young cock.
[15c: diminutive of cock1]

noun a fight between cocks wearing sharp metal spurs.
cockfighting noun .

cockily and cockiness see under cocky

cockle pronunciación 1
noun any of about 200 species of edible bivalve shellfish with a rounded and ribbed shell.
[14c: French coquille shell]
warm the cockles of the heart colloq to delight and gladden someone.

cockle pronunciación 2
noun a cornfield weed, especially the corncockle.

1 the shell of the cockle.
2 any tiny insubstantial boat.

noun (cockneys )
1 (often Cockney)
a loosely a native of London, especially of the East End;
b strictly someone born within the sound of Bow Bells.
2 the dialect used by Cockneys.
adjective relating to Cockneys or their dialect.
[17c in sense 1: from earlier cokeney a cock's egg, ie a misshapen egg, later used as a contemptuous name for a town-dweller]

cockpit pronunciación
1 in an aircraft: the compartment for the pilot and crew.
2 in a racing-car: the driver's seat.
3 naut the part of a small yacht, etc which contains the wheel and tiller.
4 hist a pit into which cocks were put to fight.
5 any scene of prolonged conflict, especially in war.

cockroach pronunciación
noun (cockroaches ) a large insect with a flattened body, long slender antennae and biting mouthparts, which feeds mainly nocturnally on decaying animal and vegetable matter.
[17c: from Spanish cucaracha ]

cockscomb or coxcomb
1 the fleshy red crest on a cock's head.
2 a flower whose petals resemble this crest.
3 (coxcomb) derog, old use a foolishly vain or conceited fellow.
[15c: sense 3 from the traditional jester's comb-like cap]


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