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cloud pronunciación
1 meteorol a visible floating mass of water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.
2 a visible mass of dust or smoke in the atmosphere.
3 a dark or dull spot.
4 a circumstance that causes anxiety.
5 a state of gloom, depression or suspicion.
verb (clouded , clouding )
1 tr & intr (usu cloud over or cloud something over) to make or become misty or cloudy.
2 intr (often cloud over) said of the face: to develop a troubled expression.
3 to make dull or confused.
4 to spoil or mar.
[Anglo-Saxon clud hill or mass of rock]
cloudless adjective said especially of the sky: having no clouds; clear and bright.
cloudlessly adverb .
on cloud nine colloq extremely happy.
under a cloud in trouble or disgrace.
up in the clouds colloq out of touch with reality.
with one's head in the clouds colloq preoccupied with one's own thoughts.

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