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close pronunciación 1
1 near in space or time; at a short distance.
2 a near in relationship a close relative ;
b intimate.
3 touching or almost touching.
4 tight; dense or compact; with little space between a close fit .
5 near to the surface a close haircut .
6 thorough; searching a close reading .
7 said of a contest, etc: with little difference between entrants, etc.
8 (often close to something) about to happen, on the point of doing it, etc close to tears .
9 similar to the original, or to something else a close resemblance .
10 uncomfortably warm; stuffy.
11 secretive.
12 mean close with money .
13 heavily guarded under close arrest .
14 old use shut; closed; confined.
15 said of an organization, etc: restricted in membership.
1 (often in compounds ) in a close manner; closely close-fitting follow close behind .
2 at close range.
[14c: from French clos closed, from Latin claudere , clausum to close]
closely adverb
a in a close way;
b with close attention shall watch them closely .
closeness noun .
at close quarters
1 at close range; near to someone or something.
2 said of fighting: hand-to-hand.
close at or to hand near by; easily available.
close on or to nearly; almost close on a thousand .
close to one's chest without revealing one's intentions; secretive.
close to home uncomfortably close to the truth, or to a sensitive matter.

close pronunciación 2
verb (closed , closing )
1 tr & intr to shut.
2 (sometimes close something off) to block (a road, etc) so as to prevent use.
3 tr & intr said of shops, etc: to stop or cause to stop being open to the public for a period of time.
4 tr & intr said of a factory, business, etc: to stop or cause to stop operating permanently.
5 tr & intr to conclude; to come or bring to an end; to stop (discussion, etc of something) He closed with a joke .
6 tr & intr to join up or come together; to cause edges, etc of something to come together.
7 to settle or agree on something close a deal .
8 intr , econ said of currency, shares, etc: to be worth (a certain amount) at the end of a period of trading The pound closed three cents up on the dollar .
noun an end or conclusion.
[13c: from French clos , from Latin claudere to close]
close one's eyes to something to pretend not to notice it.
close ranks
1 said of soldiers drawn up in line: to stand closer together so as to present a solid front to the enemy.
2 to unite in the face of a common threat or danger.
close down
1 said of a business: to close permanently.
2 said of a television or radio station, etc: to stop broadcasting at the end of the day.
close something down to close it permanently.
close in said of days: to become shorter, while nights get longer.
close in on someone to approach and surround them.
close on someone to catch them up.
close up to move closer together.
close something up to bring it closer together.
close with someone
1 to strike a bargain with them; to agree to (an offer, etc).
2 old use to begin fighting them.

close pronunciación 3
1 in Scotland, especially Glasgow: a narrow indoor passage leading from the street to the stair of a tenement building.
2 (Close) used as the name of a residential street, often a cul-de-sac.
3 the land and buildings surrounding and belonging to a cathedral.
[13c in the form clos : from Latin clausum enclosure]

close call see close shave

close company
noun a firm controlled by five or fewer people.

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