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clock pronunciación 1
1 a device for measuring and indicating time.
2 comput an electronic device that synchronizes processes within a computer system, by issuing signals at a constant rate.
3 a device that synchronizes the timing in switching circuits, transmission systems, etc.
4 (the clock) colloq
a a mileometer;
b a speedometer.
5 (in full time clock) a device for recording the arrival and departure times of employees.
6 the downy seedhead of a dandelion.
7 slang the face.
verb (clocked , clocking )
1 to measure or record (time) using such a device.
2 to record with a stopwatch the time taken by (a racer, etc) to complete a distance, etc.
3 colloq to travel at (a speed as shown on a speedometer).
4 slang to hit someone.
5 colloq to achieve (an officially attested time) in a race He clocked 9.89 seconds in the final .
6 colloq to turn back the mileometer of (a car), to display a lower figure than the actual mileage.
7 slang to observe or notice someone.
[14c in the form clokke : from Dutch clocke bell or clock]
against the clock with a time deadline.
beat the clock to finish before the set time limit or deadline.
put back the clock or turn back the clock to seek to return to the past.
round the clock throughout the day and night.
watch the clock to pay close attention to the time of day, especially in order not to exceed minimum working hours.
clock in or on to record one's time of arrival at a place of work.
clock out or off to record one's time of departure from a place of work.
clock up something to reach (a speed), cover (a distance), or achieve (a score), etc.

clock pronunciación 2
noun a decoration on the side of a sock, etc.

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