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clear pronunciación
1 transparent; easy to see through.
2 said of weather, etc: not misty or cloudy.
3 said of the skin: healthy; unblemished by spots, etc.
4 a easy to see, hear or understand;
b lucid.
5 bright; sharp; well-defined a clear photograph .
6 said of vision: not obstructed.
7 said of musical sounds: pure and accurate.
8 certain; having no doubts or confusion Are you clear about that point?
9 definite; free of doubt, ambiguity or confusion.
10 capable of, or resulting from, accurate observation, logical thinking, etc.
11 evident; obvious.
12 free from obstruction a clear path .
13 well away from something; out of range of or contact with it well clear of the rocks .
14 free of it; no longer affected by it.
15 remaining after all charges, taxes, expenses, etc have been paid.
16 said of the conscience, etc: free from guilt, etc.
17 entire; without interruption need a clear week to finish .
18 free of appointments, etc.
1 in a clear manner.
2 completely get clear away .
3 N Am all the way see clear to the hills .
4 well away from something; out of the way of it steer clear of trouble .
verb (cleared , clearing )
1 tr & intr to make or become clear, free of obstruction, etc.
2 to remove or move out of the way.
3 to prove or declare to be innocent or free from suspicion.
4 to get over or past something without touching clear the fence .
5 to make as profit over expenses.
6 to pass inspection by (customs).
7 to give or get official permission for (a plan, etc).
8 to approve someone for a special assignment, access to secret information, etc.
9 tr & intr said of a cheque: to pass from one bank to another through a clearing-house.
10 to decode.
11 to pay a debt.
12 tr & intr to give or receive clearance The aeroplane was cleared for take-off .
[13c: from French cler , from Latin clarus clear]
clearness noun .
clear as mud colloq not clear at all.
clear the air colloq to get rid of bad feeling, suspicion or tension, especially by frank discussion.
clear the decks see under deck1.
in the clear no longer under suspicion, in difficulties, or in danger.
clear something away to remove it.
clear off colloq to go away.
clear something off to finish paying debts, etc.
clear out colloq to go away.
clear something out to rid it of rubbish, etc.
clear up
1 said of the weather: to brighten after rain, a storm, etc.
2 to get better Her acne cleared up quickly .
clear something up
1 to tidy up a mess, room, etc.
2 to solve a mystery, etc.

adjective clear or obvious; sharp.

adjective capable of, or showing, clear logical thought.
clear-headedly adverb .

noun a clearing out of something, eg rubbish, possessions, etc.

adjective capable of, or showing, accurate observation and good judgement.
clear-sightedly adverb .
clear-sightedness noun .

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