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clean pronunciación
adjective (cleaner , cleanest )
1 free from dirt or contamination.
2 not containing anything harmful to health; pure.
3 pleasantly fresh a clean taste .
4 recently washed.
5 hygienic in habits a clean animal .
6 unused; unmarked a clean sheet of paper .
7 neat and even a clean cut .
8 simple and elegant a ship with good clean lines .
9 clear of legal offences a clean driving licence .
10 morally pure; innocent.
11 said of humour, etc: not offensive or obscene.
12 fair a clean fight .
13 slang not carrying drugs or offensive weapons.
14 slang
a cured of drug addiction;
b said of athletes, etc: free from drugs or banned substances when tested.
15 said of a wound: showing no signs of infection.
16 said of nuclear installations, etc: not producing a harmful level of radioactivity.
17 said of an aeroplane's landing gear: in a retracted position.
18 relig said of certain animals: allowed to be eaten.
19 said of musical sounds: pure and accurate.
20 absolute; complete make a clean break .
1 colloq completely I clean forgot .
2 straight or directly; encountering no obstruction sailed clean through the window .
verb (cleaned , cleaning )
1 tr & intr to make or become free from dirt.
2 tr & intr to dry-clean or be dry-cleaned.
3 intr to dust, polish floors and furniture, etc in a house or office, especially as a job.
4 to prepare (fish, chicken, vegetables, etc) for cooking or eating by removing the inedible parts.
noun an act of cleaning.
[Anglo-Saxon clæne ]
cleanness noun .
a clean bill of health a report stating that a person is healthy, or an organization, machine, etc is working well.
come clean colloq to admit or tell the truth about something that one has previously concealed or lied about.
have clean hands colloq to have no connection with the crime, etc in question.
make a clean breast of something to confess or admit to having done it, especially through feelings of guilt.
show a clean pair of heels to run away, especially quickly.
wipe the slate clean see under slate1.
clean someone out slang to take all of their money.
clean up
1 to clean a place thoroughly.
2 slang to make a large profit He cleaned up at the racetrack .
clean someone or something up to make them or it clean; to get rid of a mess.

clean room
1 an area in a factory where rigorous standards of cleanliness are maintained, especially during the manufacture of computer components and other sensitive equipment.
2 a special facility for handling material, especially that destined for use in space exploration, in a sterile and dust-free environment.

clean sheet
1 a record with no blemishes She had a clean sheet as a manager .
2 sport a situation in which the goalkeeper or the team as a whole do not concede any goals Main kept a clean sheet on Saturday .

clean slate
noun a fresh start, especially after an error.

clean sweep
1 a complete or overwhelming success.
2 a complete change or clear-out.

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