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class pronunciación
noun (classes )
1 a lesson or lecture.
2 a number of pupils taught together.
3 esp US the body of students that begin or finish university or school in the same year class of '94 .
4 a category, kind or type, members of which share common characteristics.
5 a grade or standard.
6 any of the social groupings into which people fall according to their job, wealth, etc.
7 the system by which society is divided into such groups.
8 colloq
a stylishness in dress, behaviour, etc;
b good quality.
9 biol in taxonomy: any of the groups, eg Mammalia (the mammals), into which a phylum in the animal kingdom or a division (sense 7) in the plant kingdom is divided, and which is in turn subdivided into one or more orders (sense 11).
adjective , colloq superior; classy a class act .
verb (classes , classed , classing )
a to regard someone or something as belonging to a certain class;
b to put into a category.
[17c: from Latin classis rank, class, division]
in a class of its own outstanding; with no equal.

adjective , derog aware of one's own and other people's social class.
class-consciousness noun .

1 made of or belonging to the highest quality; established as the best.
2 entirely typical.
3 simple, neat and elegant, especially in a traditional style.
1 an established work of literature.
2 an outstanding example of its type.
3 something, eg an item of clothing, which will always last, irrespective of fashion the little black dress, a classic of the 50s .
4 (Classic) a celebrated annual sporting event, especially a horse race. See also the Classics.
[17c: from Latin classicus relating to classes, especially the best]
classically adverb .

classical pronunciación
1 said of literature, art, etc:
a from ancient Greece and Rome;
b in the style of ancient Greece and Rome.
2 said of architecture or the other arts: showing the influence of ancient Greece and Rome a classical façade .
3 said of music and arts related to it: having an established, traditional and somewhat formal style and form.
4 said of procedures, etc: following the well-known traditional pattern the classical method of making pancakes .
5 said of a shape, design, etc: simple; pure; without complicated decoration.
6 said of a language: being the older literary form.
7 said of an education: concentrating on Latin, Greek and the humanities.

classical music
a loosely music which is relatively formal or -serious-, performed most often by orchestras;
b strictly the music of the 18c and early 19c, in which certain accepted conventions of form and structure were used as a framework.

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