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noun a sharp noise made by one hard object striking another.
verb (clacked , clacking )
1 tr & intr to make or cause something to make this kind of noise.
2 intr to talk noisily.
[13c: imitating the sound]

adjective , literary (also in compounds )
1 clothed velvet-clad .
2 covered stone-clad .
verb (clad , cladding ) to cover one material with another, eg brick or stonework with a different material, especially to form a protective layer.
[14c: past tense and past participle of clothe]

noun , engineering
1 a thin covering applied to the external surface of a building in order to improve its appearance or to give it extra protection.
2 a thin layer of an expensive metal that is used to coat a cheaper metal.
3 in nuclear reactors: a thin layer of metal that covers the fuel elements, protecting them from corrosion and also preventing the release of fission products into the coolant.
4 the process whereby one material is covered with another, and the two are then bonded together under conditions of high temperature and pressure.

singular noun , biol a system of animal and plant classification in which organisms are grouped together on the basis of similarities due to recent origin from a common ancestor.
[20c: from Greek klados branch]

claim pronunciación
verb (claimed , claiming )
1 to state something firmly, insisting on its truth She claimed that she was innocent .
2 to declare oneself (to be, to have done, etc).
3 to assert that one has something He claimed no knowledge of the crime .
4 tr & intr to demand or assert as a right He claimed his prize .
5 to take or use up something The hurricane claimed 300 lives .
6 a to need;
b to deserve;
c to have a right to something.
7 to declare that one is the owner of something I claimed my umbrella from the lost property office .
8 to identify oneself as having responsibility or being responsible for something.
9 intr to make a claim for something under an insurance policy He claimed for a new windscreen .
1 a statement of something as a truth.
2 a demand, especially for something to which one has, or believes one has, a right lay claim to the throne .
3 a right to or reason for something a claim to fame .
4 something one has claimed, eg a piece of land or a sum of money.
5 a demand for compensation in the form of money, under an insurance policy, etc.
[13c: from Latin clamare to cry out]
claimable adjective .
claimant noun .
jump a claim to claim land containing gold, oil, etc which already belongs to someone else.
lay claim to something to assert a right to it.

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