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chase pronunciación 1
verb (chased , chasing )
1 (often chase after someone) to go after them in an attempt to catch them.
2 (often chase someone away or off, etc ) to drive or force them away, off, etc.
3 intr to rush; to hurry.
4 colloq to try to obtain or achieve something, especially with difficulty too many applicants chasing too few jobs .
5 colloq (often chase someone up) to pursue a particular matter urgently with someone Chase up the courier about the missing parcel .
6 colloq (often chase something up) to inquire about a matter or seek out information.
7 colloq to pursue (a desired sexual partner) in an obvious way.
1 a pursuit.
2 (the chase) the hunting of animals, eg foxes.
3 Brit a large area of open land, originally where wild animals were kept for hunting.
[13c: from French chasser , from Latin captare to try to catch]
chase the dragon drug-taking slang to smoke heroin.
give chase to rush off in pursuit.

chase pronunciación 2
verb (chased , chasing ) to decorate (metal) with engraved or embossed work.
[14c: short for enchase]
chasing noun .

chase pronunciación 3
noun , printing a metal frame that holds assembled type, or the forme, in position for printing.
[17c: from French chas , from a variant of Latin capsa case]

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