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charge pronunciación
verb (charged , charging )
1 to ask for an amount as the price of something.
2 to ask someone to pay an amount for something.
3 to record something as a debt against someone Charge the breakages to me .
4 to accuse someone officially of a crime.
5 intr to rush at someone or something in attack.
6 to rush.
7 formal to officially order someone to do something She was charged to appear in court .
8 to give someone the task or responsibility of doing something I was charged with delivering the letter .
9 to load (a gun, furnace, etc) with explosive, fuel, etc.
10 formal or old use to fill up charge your glasses .
11 intr said of a battery, capacitor, etc: to take up or store electricity.
12 to cause (a battery, capacitor, etc) to take up or store electricity.
13 to load or saturate The liquid is made fizzy by charging it with carbon dioxide .
14 to fill The moment was charged with emotion .
1 an amount charged; a price, fee, or cost.
2 control, care or responsibility in charge of repairs .
3 supervision or guardianship The police arrived and took charge .
4 something or someone, eg a child, that is in one's care.
5 something of which one is accused a charge of murder .
6 a rushing attack.
7 (also electrical charge) a deficiency or excess of electrons on a particular object, giving rise to a positive or negative charge, respectively.
8 the total amount of electricity stored by an insulated object such as an accumulator or capacitor.
9 a quantity of material appropriate for filling something.
10 an amount of explosive, fuel, etc, for loading into a gun, furnace, etc.
11 an order.
12 a task, duty or burden.
13 a debt or financial liability.
[13c: French, from Latin carricare to load a vehicle]
press or prefer charges to charge someone officially with a crime, etc.

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