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change pronunciación
verb (changed , changing )
1 tr & intr to make or become different.
2 to give, leave or substitute one thing for another.
3 to exchange (usually one's position) with another person, etc.
4 tr & intr (often change into or out of something) to remove (clothes, sheets, a baby's nappy, etc) and replace them with clean or different ones.
5 tr & intr (sometimes change into something) to make into or become something different.
6 to obtain or supply another kind of money change pounds into dollars .
7 tr & intr to go from one vehicle, usually a train or bus, to another to continue a journey.
8 tr & intr to put a vehicle engine into (another gear).
1 the process of changing or an instance of it.
2 the replacement of one thing with another; the leaving of one thing for another.
3 a variation, especially a welcome one, from one's regular habit, etc Let's eat out for a change .
4 the leaving of (one vehicle) for another during a journey.
5 a fresh set (of clothes) for changing into.
6 (also small or loose change) coins as distinct from notes.
7 coins or notes given in exchange for ones of higher value.
8 money left over or returned from the amount given in payment.
9 (usu changes) any of the various orders in which a set of church bells can be rung.
10 (the change) colloq see change of life.
[13c: French, from Latin cambire to barter or exchange]
changeful adjective .
changer noun .
change hands to pass into different ownership.
change one's mind or tune to adopt a different intention or opinion.
get no change out of someone colloq to get no help from them.
ring the changes to vary the way in which something is done.
change down to change to a lower gear, when driving a motor vehicle.
change over
1 to change from one preference or situation to another.
2 to exchange (jobs, roles, etc).
3 sport in a relay race: to hand over to a team-mate by exchanging a baton, making contact, etc. See also change-over.
change up to change to a higher gear, when driving a motor vehicle.

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