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chance pronunciación
1 the way that things happen unplanned and unforeseen.
2 fate or luck; fortune.
3 an unforeseen and unexpected occurrence.
4 a possibility or probability.
5 a possible or probable success.
6 an opportunity your big chance .
7 risk; a gamble take a chance .
verb (chanced , chancing )
1 to risk something.
2 intr to do or happen by chance I chanced to meet her .
[13c: from French cheance , from Latin cadentia falling]
chanceful adjective .
be in with a chance to have some hope of success.
chance it or chance one's luck or chance one's arm to take a risk, although the likelihood of success is slim.
chance would be a fine thing! colloq some hope!
the chances are?it is likely that?
an eye to the main chance a tendency to act from motives of personal advantage.
no chance or not a chance no likelihood of success.
on the off chance in hope rather than expectation.
an outside chance a very faint possibility.
stand a good chance to have a reasonable expectation of success.
take a chance on to place one's trust or hope in.
take one's chance or chances to risk an undertaking; to accept whatever happens.
chance on or upon someone or something to meet or find them by accident.

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