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chamois pronunciación
noun (pl chamois )
1 singular & plural an agile hoofed mammal, native to S Europe, Asia Minor and the Caucasus region, which has short vertical horns with backward-pointing tips, and a long reddish-brown, brown or black coat.
2 soft suede leather, formerly made from the skin of this animal, but now usually made from the hides of sheep, lambs or goats.
3 (pl ) a piece of this used as a polishing cloth for glass, etc. Also written shammy (pl shammies ) and shammy leather or chamois leather.
4 a light fawn colour.
adjective chamois-coloured.
verb (chamoises , chamoised , chamoising )
1 to prepare (leather) like chamois.
2 to polish something with a chamois.
[16c: French]

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