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chain pronunciación
1 a series of interconnecting links or rings, especially of metal, used for fastening, holding, transmitting motion or, eg in jewellery, for ornament.
2 a series or progression a chain of events .
3 a number of shops, hotels, etc under common ownership or management.
4 (chains) something that restricts or frustrates.
5 chem a number of atoms of the same type that are joined in a line to form a molecule.
6 an old measure of length equal to 22 yards (c.20m).
verb (chained , chaining ) (often chain someone or something up or down) to fasten, bind or restrict with, or as if with, chains.
[13c: from French chaeine , from Latin catena ]
in chains said of eg a prisoner or slave: bound by chains.

chain gang
noun a group of prisoners chained together for working outside the prison.

chain letter
noun a letter copied to a large number of people, especially with a request for and promise of money, with each recipient being asked to send out further copies.

chain of office
noun a heavy ornamental chain worn round the neck as a symbol of office, eg by a mayor.

chain reaction
1 physics a nuclear reaction that is self-sustaining, eg nuclear fission, in which the splitting of atomic nuclei is accompanied by the release of neutrons, which themselves cause the splitting of more nuclei.
2 chem a chemical reaction that is self-sustaining because a change in one molecule causes many other molecules to undergo change, eg during combustion.
3 a series of events, each causing the next.

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