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cerebellum pronunciación
noun (cerebella ) anat in vertebrates: the main part of the hindbrain, concerned primarily with the co-ordination of movement.
[16c: Latin diminutive of cerebrum brain]
cerebellar adjective .

1 relating to or in the region of the brain.
2 often facetious intellectual; using the brain rather than appealing to the emotions a cerebral argument .
[19c: from cerebrum]

cerebral cortex
noun , anat in most vertebrates: the outer layer of the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, responsible for consciousness (including perception, memory and learning) and the initiation of voluntary movement.

cerebral haemorrhage
noun , pathol bleeding from a ruptured blood vessel, usually an artery, within the brain, which may result in stroke, coma or death.

cerebral hemisphere
noun , anat in higher vertebrates: either of the two halves of the cerebrum, which in humans form the major part of the brain, with each hemisphere controlling the opposite side of the body.

cerebral palsy
noun , pathol a failure of the brain to develop normally in young children due to brain damage before or around the time of birth, resulting in weakness, lack of co-ordination of the limbs, and often spastic paralysis.

verb (cerebrated , cerebrating ) intr , facetious to think; to use one's brain.
cerebration noun .

adjective relating to the brain and spinal cord together cerebrospinal fluid .

noun (cerebrums or cerebra ) anat in higher vertebrates: the front part of the brain, consisting of two cerebral hemispheres linked by the corpus callosum, which initiates and co-ordinates all voluntary activity.
[17c: Latin]

ceremonial pronunciación
adjective relating to, used for or involving a ceremony.
1 a system of rituals.
2 Christianity
a the stipulated order of ceremonies and rites;
b a book containing this.
[14c: from Latin caerimonia rite]
ceremonially adverb .

adjective excessively formal.
[16c: from Latin caerimoniosus full of ceremony]
ceremoniously adverb .

ceremony pronunciación
noun (ceremonies )
1 a ritual performed to mark a particular, especially public or religious, occasion.
2 formal politeness.
3 ceremonial rituals collectively.
[14c: from Latin caerimonia sacredness or rite]
stand on ceremony to insist on behaving formally.
without ceremony in a hasty informal way.

noun a bright cherry-red colour.
adjective cerise-coloured.
[19c: French, meaning -cherry-]

noun , chem (symbol Ce, atomic number 58) a soft silvery-grey metallic element belonging to the lanthanide series, used in catalytic converters, alloys for cigarette-lighter flints, etc.
[19c: named after the asteroid Ceres]

noun , engineering
1 a hard strong composite material, resistant to corrosion and wear, made from a ceramic and a metal.
2 a type of electronic resistor made of such material.
[20c: from ceramic + metal]

abbreviation : Conseil européen pour la recherche nucléaire (French), European Organization for Nuclear Research, now known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

noun a contemporary style of jive dancing to rock-and-roll music.
[20c: from French Le Roc dancing, on which it is based]

noun , colloq (usu dead cert) a certainty, especially a horse that is bound to win a race.

1 certificate.
2 certified.

certain pronunciación
1 proved or known beyond doubt.
2 (sometimes certain about or of something) having no doubt about it; absolutely sure.
3 definitely going to happen, etc; able to rely on or be relied on.
4 particular and, though known, not named or specified a certain friend of yours .
5 used before a person's name to indicate either their obscurity or one's own unfamiliarity with them a certain Mrs Smith .
6 said of a quality: undeniably present without being clearly definable The beard gave his face a certain authority .
7 some, though not much That's true to a certain extent .
pronoun some Certain of the team are not pulling their weight .
[13c: French, from Latin certus sure]
for certain definitely; without doubt.
make certain of something to take action so as to ensure it or be sure about it.

1 without any doubt.
2 definitely.
3 of course.

certainty pronunciación
noun (certainties )
1 something that cannot be doubted or is bound to happen.
2 freedom from doubt; the state of being sure.
3 the state of being bound to happen.

1 capable of or suitable for being certified.
2 colloq said of a person: mad; crazy.

certificate pronunciación
noun an official document that formally acknowledges or witnesses a fact, an achievement or qualification, or one's condition.
verb (certificated , certificating ) to provide with a certificate. See also certify.
[15c: from Latin certificare , certificatum to certify]

certificate of deposit
noun a certificate representing a fixed-term interest-bearing deposit in large denominations, which may be bought and sold.
[1961: first introduced by a bank in New York]

adjective qualified by a particular course of training.

certification pronunciación
1 certifying or being certified.
2 a document that certifies something.

1 possessing a certificate.
2 endorsed or guaranteed.
3 said of a person: insane.

certify pronunciación
verb (certifies , certified , certifying )
1 tr & intr to declare or confirm officially.
2 to declare someone legally insane.
3 to declare to have reached a required standard, passed certain tests, etc. See also certificate.
[14c: from Latin certificare , from certus certain + facere to make]
certifier noun .

noun a feeling of certainty.
[15c: from Latin certitudo , from certus certain]


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