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cause pronunciación
1 something which produces an effect; the person or thing through which something happens.
2 a reason or justification There is no cause for concern .
3 an ideal, principle, aim, etc She dedicated her life to the feminist cause .
4 a matter that is to be settled by a lawsuit; the lawsuit itself.
verb (caused , causing ) to produce as an effect; to bring about something.
[13c: from Latin causa ]
make common cause with someone to co-operate with them, so as to achieve a common aim.

cause célèbre ; Fr
noun (causes célèbres ; Fr ) a legal case, or some other matter, that attracts much attention and causes controversy.
[18c: French, meaning -famous case-]

1 a raised roadway crossing low-lying marshy ground or shallow water.
2 a stone-paved pathway.
[15c: from French caucie , from Latin (via ) calciata limestone-paved (way)]

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