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CAT pronunciación
1 College of Advanced Technology.
2 computer-assisted training or computer-aided training.
3 a CAT scanner.

También tienes: kat
cat pronunciación 1
1 any of a wide range of carnivorous mammals, including large cats such as the lion, tiger, and cheetah, as well as the domestic cat.
2 the domestic cat. See also feline.
3 derog, colloq someone, especially a woman, with a spiteful tongue.
4 slang a person.
5 a cat-o'-nine-tails.
[Anglo-Saxon catte , from Latin cattus ]
the cat's whiskers or pyjamas colloq the best or greatest thing.
fight like cat and dog colloq to quarrel ferociously.
let the cat out of the bag colloq to give away a secret unintentionally.
like a cat on a hot tin roof or on hot bricks colloq very nervous or uneasy.
like something the cat brought or dragged in colloq messy or bedraggled in appearance.
no room to swing a cat having very little space; cramped.
not have a cat in hell's chance colloq to have absolutely no chance.
play cat and mouse with someone to tease them cruelly by not letting them know exactly what one intends to do with them.
put or set the cat among the pigeons to do something, often suddenly, that is generally upsetting or disturbing.
rain cats and dogs colloq to rain very heavily, usually for a long time.

También tienes: kat
cat pronunciación 2
noun , colloq short for catalytic converter.

También tienes: kat
cat burglar
noun a burglar who breaks into buildings by climbing walls, water pipes, etc.

CAT scanner
see CT scanner

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