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catch pronunciación
verb (catches , past tense , past participle caught , present participle catching )
1 to stop (a moving object) and hold it.
2 to manage to get hold of or trap, especially after a hunt or chase.
3 to be in time to get, reach, see, etc something catch the last post .
4 to overtake or draw level with someone or something.
5 to discover someone or something in time to prevent or to encourage the development of something The disease can be cured if caught early .
6 to surprise someone doing something wrong or embarrassing I caught them in a passionate clinch in the kitchen .
7 to trick or trap.
8 to become infected with (a disease, etc).
9 tr & intr to become or cause to become accidentally attached or held My dress caught on a nail .
10 to hit I caught him square on the chin .
11 to manage to hear, see or understand something I didn't quite catch your third point .
12 to attract (attention, etc) catch her eye .
13 intr to start burning The fire caught within seconds .
14 to succeed in recording (a subtle quality, etc) The artist caught her expression perfectly .
15 cricket to put (a batsman) out by gathering the ball he has struck before it touches the ground.
noun (catches )
1 an act of catching.
2 a small device for keeping a lid, door, etc closed.
3 something caught.
4 the total amount of eg fish caught.
5 a hidden problem or disadvantage; an unsuspected trick.
6 someone or something that it would be advantageous to obtain, eg a certain person as a husband or wife.
7 a slight breaking sound in one's voice, caused by emotion.
8 a children's game of throwing and catching a ball.
9 music a humorous round sung by two or three people.
[13c: from French cachier , from Latin captiare to try to catch, from capere to seize]
catchable adjective .
be caught short see under short.
be or get caught up in something to be or get involved in it, especially unintentionally.
catch fire to start burning.
catch hold of something to grasp or grab it.
catch it colloq to receive a scolding, punishment, etc.
catch sight of or catch a glimpse of someone or something to see them only for a brief moment.
catch on colloq
1 to become popular.
2 (sometimes catch onto something) to understand it.
catch someone out
1 to trick them into making a mistake.
2 to discover them or take them unawares in embarrassing circumstances.
catch up
1 (often catch up with someone) to draw level with someone ahead.
2 (sometimes catch up on something) to bring oneself up to date with one's work, the latest news, etc.
3 to immerse or occupy She was completely caught up in her studies .

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