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cast pronunciación
verb (past tense , past participle cast , present participle casting )
1 to throw.
2 to direct (one's eyes, a glance, etc) on or over something.
3 to throw off or shed something She cast her clothes in a heap .
4 to project; to cause to appear cast a shadow .
5 tr & intr to throw (a fishing line) out into the water.
6 to let down (an anchor).
7 to release someone or something from a secured state They were cast adrift .
8 said of animals: to get rid of or shed (a skin, horns, etc).
9 (usu cast something off, aside or out) to throw it off or away; to get rid of it.
10 to give (an actor) a part in a play or film; to distribute the parts in a film, play, etc.
11 to shape (molten metal, plastic, etc) by pouring it into a mould and allowing it to set.
12 to give or record (one's vote).
13 to work out (a horoscope).
14 to present (work, facts, etc) in a certain way.
1 a throw; an act of throwing (eg dice, a fishing line).
2 an object shaped by pouring metal, plastic, etc into a mould and allowing it to set.
3 (also plaster cast) a rigid casing used to hold a broken bone in place while it heals, usually made by moulding gauze impregnated with wet plaster of Paris round the limb, etc and allowing it to set.
4 the set of actors or performers in a play, opera, etc.
5 formal type, form, shape or appearance.
6 a slight tinge; a faint colour.
7 the slight turning inwards of an eye; a squint.
8 (also casting) a coiled heap of earth or sand thrown up by a burrowing worm, etc.
[13c: from Norse kasta to throw]
cast doubt on something to express doubt about it.
cast of mind a way of thinking.
cast one's mind back to think about something in the past.
cast about or around for something
1 to look about for it.
2 to try to think of it cast about for ideas .
cast someone away to abandon them on a remote piece of land after a shipwreck, etc. See also castaway.
cast off
1 to untie a boat ready to sail away.
2 to finish off and remove knitting from the needles.
3 printing to estimate how much space will be taken up by a piece of manuscript or typewritten copy. See also cast-off.
cast on to form (stitches or knitting) by looping and securing wool, etc over the needles.
cast up to find the total of (a column of figures, etc).
cast something up
1 to mention (a person's past faults, etc) to them, as a reproach.
2 to throw (a body, etc) up onto a beach.

cast, caste These words are sometimes confused with each other.

cast down
adjective depressed or discouraged.

cast iron
noun any of a group of hard heavy alloys of iron, containing more carbon than steels, and cast into a specific shape when molten.
adjective (cast-iron)
1 made of cast iron.
2 very strong.
3 said of a rule or decision: firm; not to be altered.
4 said of an argument, etc: with no flaws, loopholes, etc.

noun (cast-offs )
1 something, especially a garment, discarded or no longer wanted.
2 printing an estimate of the amount of space that will be taken up by a piece of manuscript or typewritten copy. See also cast off at cast.
adjective no longer needed; discarded.

plural noun a musical instrument used especially by Spanish dancers, consisting of two hollow pieces of wood or plastic attached to each other by string, which are held in the palm and struck together rhythmically.
[17c: from Spanish castañeta , from castaña chestnut, the wood used to make them]

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