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case pronunciación 1
1 (often in compounds ) a container or cover, used for storage, transportation, etc suitcase .
2 an outer covering, especially a protective one watch case .
3 printing a tray with compartments containing individual types, divided up in terms of their style and size. See upper-case, lower-case.
4 bookbinding the hard covers containing the pages of a hardback book.
verb (cased , casing ) to put something in a case.
[13c: from French casse , from Latin capsa , from capere to hold or take]
case a joint slang to have a good look at a premises with the intention of robbing them.

case pronunciación 2
1 a particular occasion, situation or set of circumstances.
2 an example, instance or occurrence.
3 someone receiving some sort of treatment or care.
4 a matter requiring investigation.
5 a matter to be decided in a law court.
6 (sometimes case for or against something) the set of arguments, statements, etc for or against something.
7 grammar
a the relationship of a noun, pronoun or adjective to other words in a sentence;
b one of the forms or categories indicating the relationship nominative case .
8 an odd character.
[13c: from French cas , from Latin casus fall, chance, from cadere to fall]
as the case may be according to how things turn out.
be the case to be true.
a case in point a relevant example.
in any case no matter what happens.
in case so as to be prepared or safe (if a certain thing should happen).
in case of something if a certain occurrence happens.
in that case if that happens, since that has happened, etc.

case history
noun a record of details from someone's past kept by a doctor, social worker, etc.

case law
noun law based on decisions made about similar cases in the past, as distinct from statute law.

1 metallurgy to harden the surface layer of (steel) by diffusing carbon into it at a high temperature.
2 geol said of a mineral: to form a coating on the surface of porous rock as a result of the evaporation of a solution containing that mineral.
3 to make someone insensitive or callous.

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