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carry pronunciación
verb (carries , carried , carrying )
1 to hold something in one's hands, have it in a pocket, bag, etc, or support its weight on one's body, while moving from one place to another.
2 to bring, take or convey something.
3 to have on one's person He always carried some means of identification .
4 to be the means of spreading (a disease, etc) Mosquitos carry malaria .
5 to support The walls carry the roof .
6 to be pregnant with (a baby or babies).
7 to hold (oneself or a part of one's body) in a specified way She really carries herself well .
8 to bear (responsibilities, etc).
9 to bear the burden or expense of something.
10 to do the work of (someone who is not doing enough) in addition to one's own.
11 to print or broadcast The story was carried by all the tabloids .
12 to stock or sell.
13 to have, involve, etc a crime carrying the death penalty .
14 intr said of a sound or the source of a sound: to be able to be heard a distance away.
15 to pass or agree to by majority vote.
16 to win the support of (voters, an audience, etc).
17 to bear the effects of something He carries his age well .
18 to take to a certain point carry politeness too far .
19 maths to transfer (a figure) in a calculation from one column to the next.
20 intr said of a golf ball, etc: to travel (a certain distance).
21 mil to capture (a town, etc).
noun (carries )
1 an act of carrying.
2 golf the distance that the ball travels from when it is first struck to when it first touches the ground.
3 N Am land across which a vessel has to be transported between one navigable stretch of water and another.
4 the range of a gun.
[14c: from French carier , from Latin carricare to cart, from carrus car]
be or get carried away colloq to become overexcited or overenthusiastic.
carry something forward to transfer (a number, amount, etc) from the end of one column, page or financial period to the start of the next.
carry something off
1 to manage (an awkward situation, etc) well.
2 to win (a prize, etc).
3 to take something away by force.
4 to cause someone's death She was carried off by cancer .
carry on
1 to continue; to keep going.
2 colloq to make a noisy or unnecessary fuss. See also carry-on.
carry something on to conduct or engage in (business, etc).
carry on with someone to have a love affair with them.
carry something out to accomplish it successfully.
carry something over
1 to continue it on the following page, etc; to carry forward.
2 to postpone it.
carry someone through to help them to survive a difficult period, etc.
carry something through to complete or accomplish it.

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