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careers adviser or careers officer
noun in schools, etc: someone whose job is to help young people choose a career.

adjective having few worries; cheerful.

careful pronunciación
1 giving or showing care and attention; thorough.
2 gentle; watchful or mindful; cautious.
3 taking care to avoid harm or damage.
4 (usu careful of something) protective of it.
carefully adverb .
carefulness noun .

1 not careful or thorough enough; inattentive.
2 without a sense of responsibility.
3 effortless careless charm .
carelessly adverb .
carelessness noun .

noun the person responsible for looking after an ill, disabled or otherwise dependent person.

caress pronunciación
verb (caresses , caressed , caressing ) to touch or stroke gently and lovingly.
noun (caresses ) a gentle loving touch; a gentle embrace.
[17c: from French caresse , from Italian carezza , from Latin carus dear]

noun a mark (?) made on written or printed material to show where a missing word, letter, etc should be inserted.
[18c: Latin, meaning -there is missing-, from carere to be in need of]

caretaker pronunciación
noun a person whose job is to look after a house or a public building, eg a school, especially when it is otherwise unoccupied.
adjective temporary; stopgap caretaker president .

adjective worn out with or marked by worry and anxiety.


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