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card pronunciación 1
1 a kind of thick, stiff paper or thin cardboard.
2 (also playing-card) a rectangular piece of card bearing a design, usually one of a set, used eg for playing games, fortune-telling, etc.
3 a small rectangular piece of card or plastic, showing eg one's identity, job, membership of an organization, etc.
4 a small rectangular piece of stiff plastic issued by a bank, etc to a customer, used eg instead of cash or a cheque when making payments, as a guarantee for a cheque, for operating a cash machine, etc. See also credit card, debit card.
5 comput a piece of card on which information is stored in the form of punched holes or magnetic codes.
6 a piece of card, usually folded double and bearing a design and message, sent to someone on a special occasion Christmas card .
7 a postcard.
8 old use, colloq an amusing person.
9 horse-racing a racecard.
10 (cards) games played with playing-cards.
11 (cards) an employee's personal documents held by their employer.
verb (carded , carding )
1 to enter in card index.
2 (be carded) sport , esp football to be shown a yellow card or red card by the referee.
[15c: from French carte , from Latin charta , from Greek chartes papyrus leaf]
the cards are stacked against someone or something colloq circumstances do not favour them.
get one's cards colloq to be dismissed from one's job.
have a card up one's sleeve to have something prepared, but not yet revealed, which can be used to one's advantage.
hold all the cards colloq to have the stronger or strongest position of opposing parties; to have all the advantages.
lay or put one's cards on the table colloq to announce one's intentions, reveal one's thoughts, etc openly.
on the cards colloq likely to happen.
play one's best, strongest or trump card colloq to make use of one's strongest advantage.
play one's cards close to one's chest to be secretive about one's intentions.
play one's cards right colloq to make good use of one's opportunities and advantages.

card pronunciación 2
noun a comb-like device with sharp teeth for removing knots and tangles from sheep's wool, etc before spinning, or for pulling across the surface of cloth to make it fluffy.
verb (carded , carding ) to treat (wool, fabric) with a card.
[15c: from French carde teasel head, from Latin carduus thistle]
carding noun .

card table
noun a small folding table, usually covered with green cloth, for playing card games on.

card vote
noun , Brit a vote by representatives of bodies, with each representative's vote counting in proportion to the number of members that they represent.

1 officially registered as a member of a political party, etc and openly supporting it.
2 colloq strongly supporting.

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