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CAP pronunciación
abbreviation Common Agricultural Policy.

cap pronunciación
1 any of various types of hat, eg with a flat or rounded crown and a peak.
2 a small hat often worn as an indication of occupation, rank, etc.
3 a lid, cover or top, eg for a bottle or pen.
4 (also percussion cap) a little metal or paper case containing a small amount of gunpowder that explodes when struck, used eg to make a noise in toy guns.
5 a protective or cosmetic covering fitted over a damaged tooth.
6 (also in compounds ) a covering or top layer icecap .
7 the top or top part.
8 a an ornamental cap awarded to someone chosen for a team representing a country, etc;
b a player chosen for such a team.
9 (the cap or Dutch cap) a contraceptive device used by a woman, consisting of a rubber cover that fits over the cervix (sense 1) as a barrier to sperm. Also called diaphragm.
verb (capped , capping )
1 to put a cap on or cover the top or end of something, with a cap.
2 to be or form the top of.
3 to choose someone for a national team.
4 to do better than, improve on or outdo someone or something cap someone's achievement .
5 to set an upper limit to (a tax), or to the tax-gathering powers of (a local authority). See also rate-cap.
[Anglo-Saxon cæppe : from Latin cappa hooded cloak]
cap in hand humbly.
if the cap fits, wear it colloq you can take the general criticism, etc personally if you think it applies to you.
set one's cap at someone colloq said of a woman: to make obvious efforts to attract a particular man.
to cap it all colloq as a final blow; to make matters worse.

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