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call pronunciación
verb (called , calling )
1 tr & intr (also call out) to shout or speak loudly in order to attract attention or in announcing something.
2 to ask someone to come, especially with a shout.
3 to ask for a professional visit from someone call the doctor .
4 to summon or invite someone.
5 tr & intr to telephone.
6 to waken Tim was called at 6.30am .
7 intr to make a visit call at the grocer's .
8 intr to stop at a place during a journey Does the train call at York?
9 to give a name to someone or something They called their son Kurt .
10 to regard or consider I call that strange .
11 to say that someone is something specified Are you calling me a liar?
12 to summon or assemble people for (a meeting).
13 to announce or declare something call an election .
14 tr & intr (often call for something) to make a demand or appeal for it call a strike .
15 tr & intr in a card game: to make a bid or choose (a suit for trumps).
16 intr to predict which way a coin will land when tossed Heads or tails? You call!
17 said of an umpire, etc: to judge (a ball) to be in or out of play.
18 intr said of a bird, etc: to make its typical or characteristic sound.
1 a shout or cry.
2 the cry of a bird or animal.
3 an invitation; a summons.
4 a demand, request or appeal.
5 (usu call on something) a claim or demand for it too many calls on my time .
6 a brief visit.
7 an act of contacting someone by telephone; a telephone conversation.
8 a need or reason no call for abusive language .
9 an act of waking someone, usually by arrangement.
10 a signal blown on a bugle, etc.
11 a feeling that one has been chosen to do a particular job; a vocation.
12 a player's turn to bid or choose trumps in a card game.
13 the decision of a referee, etc on whether a ball is in or out of play.
14 an instrument that imitates a bird's call.
[Anglo-Saxon ceallian ]
caller noun a person or thing that calls.
call collect N Am, esp US to have the telephone call one is making charged to the receiver of the call; to reverse the charges.
call something into question to suggest reasons for doubting it.
call it a day to decide to stop doing something, eg finish work, etc.
call the shots to be in command.
call someone or something to mind
1 to remember them.
2 to remind one of something.
have first call on something to have the right to (someone's help, attention, etc) before anyone else.
on call said eg of a doctor: available if needed, eg to deal with an emergency.
within call close enough to hear if called.
call something down on someone to try to inflict it on them as if from heaven.
call for something or someone
1 to require them.
2 to collect or fetch them.
call something forth to elicit or evoke it.
call someone in to invite or request their help.
call something in to request the return of (eg library books, a batch of faulty products, etc).
call in on or in at someone to visit them, usually briefly.
call something off
1 to cancel a meeting, arrangement, etc.
2 to order (an animal) to stop attacking someone.
3 to give orders for something to be stopped We'll call off the search at midnight .
call on or upon someone
1 to visit them.
2 to appeal to them.
3 to request or invite them The chairperson called on the secretary to read the minutes .
call on something to gather or summon up (one's strength, etc).
call people out
1 to instruct (workers) to strike.
2 to summon (eg the fire brigade, the gas board, etc) to help with an emergency, etc.
call round to make an informal visit.
call someone up
1 to conscript them into the armed forces. See also call-up.
2 colloq to telephone them.
call something up
1 to cause (memories, images, etc) to come into the mind.
2 to retrieve (data) from a computer She called up the file to print it out .

También tienes: cay, quay
call box
noun a public telephone box.

call centre
noun a building where workers provide services to a company's customers by telephone.

call girl
noun a prostitute with whom appointments are made by telephone.

call sign or call signal
noun , communications a word, letter or number that identifies a ship, plane, etc when communicating by radio.

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